Novels by Author Betty Shreffler

Castle of Kings (A Kings MC Romance)

Jake F*cking Castle

When he walks into a room, he owns it. He consumes my very breath and melts my delicate little panties. From the moment he set eyes on me, he decided I was his. No one – not even my brother, Nix – was going to tell him otherwise. It doesn’t matter that Nix is President of the Kings MC Club. Jake wants what he wants, and he’ll set out to get it, whatever the cost.

Jake may be an arrogant asshole, but there’s no denying the hold he has over me. His fierce, carnal need to make me his, and his alone, is a snare I can’t escape. And truth be told, I don’t want to.

But when my life becomes threatened, Jake Castle is the only man my brother trusts to protect me. He knows Jake will do anything to keep me safe.


My Hot Boss


The first time I met Grayson Cole, I thought to myself, This. Is. Not. My. Finest. Moment. I was completely captured by his charming words and our sexy-as-sin kiss. I wanted to let go that night and he was my remedy. After several drinks our amazing night turns into a disaster. I never thought I’d see him again after that, no matter how many nights I spent wishing I would. Until a month later, he waltzes into my office as—my new hot Boss.

Every rose, every whispered word, every touch brings him closer to my heart, but I love my job as a book agent, and the possibility of losing it or having my heart broken for a second time is something I can’t take. I’m so screwed.


From the moment Emma Williams crashed into me I had only one thought—just this night. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I needed. I didn’t expect to ever see that brunette beauty again, no matter how many nights I spent wishing I would. Until a month later, I’m introducing myself as her new Boss, and more than anything wanting to pick up where we left off. Now the smart, gorgeous vixen is challenging me at every opportunity and my desire to have her has me working for her affections like I’ve never done before.

I should walk away. Keep it professional before this gets any more complicated, but every time she enters my office I lose every ounce of self-control I possess. What is this woman doing to me? Not only am I her Boss, but I don’t do feelings. There’s only one way I see this ending. I’m so screwed.




Fire On The Farm (Second Chance Cowboy Romance)

Losing the man she loved to a terrible accident, pushes Amy Flanders into a life of independence. Her only source of comfort is her work—a business dedicated to the care and training of horses. Until one lonely night leads her into the arms of Brock Baisdin. A man who fulfills her deepest desires and reignites a flame long forgotten.

Between his picky tastes and running his own business, Brock Baisdin has little time for women, but that doesn’t stop him from looking for love. After saving Amy from a cancelled date, Brock is instantly drawn to the shy and beautiful woman hiding secrets beneath her lust-filled baby blues—secrets he finds himself eager to discover.

Undeniable attraction pulls them into each other’s arms. Hope draws them into each other’s lives. For Amy Flanders, Brock Baisdin may be the man to bring love back into her lonely life, if only she can overcome the wounds of her past and face her biggest fear—risking the pain of another shattered heart.



When Hunter Meets Seeker (An Arcane Society Novel)

Trained by the Arcane Society to fulfill her legacy as an Arcane Hunter, Anya Carlisle knows nothing but the loneliness that comes with being a hunter. One evening, in a place she never should’ve been, throws Anya into the heated snare of Dex Grigori. She should’ve seen him as the enemy, but instead her body longs for his touch in ways she’s never experienced.

From the first moment Dex sets eyes on Anya, he wants her all for himself. After one night of forbidden passion he’s left craving more of her, until he discovers how wrong for him she is. She’s a deadly hunter that kills without question and he’s exactly the kind of demon she’s been trained to eliminate. Yet his fierce desire to have her brings him dangerously close to her heart, where he soon discovers she is far more than the cold killer he anticipated.



Embrace the Dawning (Book 1, The Covenant Series):

Kayci Pierce’s life has been a façade, an identity to remain hidden from vampires and sorceresses alike, too powerful for them to let her live. Until a relationship with a vampire hunter brings her as much passion as it does danger. With a vampire revolution forming and an undeniable attraction she can’t suppress, she must risk it all and work with the hunter to survive surrounding threats.

Tested by love, loyalty, and those who are set on betraying her— she’ll have to choose between protecting her secret or embracing her vampire sorceress birthright.



Cruel Temptation (Book 2, The Covenant Series):

The war is over. The rogue vampires dispatched. Kayci’s focus is now set on how to run the Covenant and best protect her species. The Lycan clan leader shares Kayci’s vision—but his captivating and sexy brother, Cassius McCabe is a distraction Kayci can’t afford.

New threats surround Kayci as she navigates unfamiliar territory and feelings she can’t hide. Will temptations destroy her and everything she’s worked for, or will love be enough to pull her back from the edge?



Dark and Beautiful Nights (Book 3, The Covenant Series): 

One man will fight to keep her love while the other will do whatever it takes to win it.

Devotion keeps Kayci longing for Adrian’s return. Dark magic is the only way to free him and its cruel seduction has captured Kayci in its embrace. Cassius, unwilling to lose the one thing he’s longed for—his mate, fights for Kayci’s heart and saves her from her biggest threat…herself.

Pulled between unrestrainable desire for Cassius and her devotion to Adrian, leaves Kayci suffering from the worst battle she’s ever encountered…the one for her heart.