Confess by Author Reagan Phillips – Book Review

4.5 stars/ Confess / Author Reagan Phillips

Confess (The Blue Line Series Book 1) by [Phillips, Reagan]

Confess had a good balance of romance and mystery. A determined detective from Nashville follows a serial killer to a small town where he finds more than evidence of a crime. He finds attraction to a woman that he can’t deny, however this woman is closer to his case than he ever expected. This story has a theme of choices and every choice the characters make come with consequences that they have to face. Yet, love does influence their choices and adds complexity to an already complicated mystery.

First off, I want to say I loved the male MC, Mitch Kilpatrick. He was sexy, charming, witty, dominant and carries internal baggage from his past which has made him the man he is now. The female MC, Lacy, is a good match for Mitch. She holds her ground and is an independent female. The banter between Mitch and Lacy was natural and entertaining. I enjoyed the chemistry between them. I particularly liked that Mitch was dominant in the bedroom and took charge, I however expected more out of the sex scenes because of his dominant personality. I was a bit disappointed with the short and mild sex scenes after all the built up anticipation beforehand. I did like that Lacy was not quick to submit and made Mitch work for it.

The mystery side of the story was intriguing and kept me interested. I wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. The characters and their pasts tied into each other very well. I did feel that the events toward the end happened very quickly as did the relationship between Lacy and Mitch. The end came a bit too quickly. It left me wanting to know more about one of the characters and their motives. The very end of the story again brought me back to the same feeling I had in the beginning and left me satisfied. I absolutely would read more of Reagan Phillips mystery romance books.


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