Book Review – Kade: A Second Chance Rock Star Romance – Jane Anthony

4.5 Stars/ Kade/ Author Jane Anthony

I had quite the push and pull relationship with this book, just like the two main characters did with each other. This was my first second chance rock star romance and I really enjoyed it. Kade was incredibly hot. My absolute favorite line in this book is how the writer described him, “He fucks like a beast but loves like a puppy.” LOVED that line. Kade is a Rock star who has been liven the dream, but deep down he’s tired of being alone and feeling unloved. The women he sleeps with want the rock star fantasy and no matter how many women throw themselves at him he hasn’t found one that makes him feel complete. Until he meets Ainsley-a jersey housewife crushed by her vindictive ex-husband who’s picking up the pieces of her life after finding out her husband had an affair.

The romance between Kade and Ainsley is a whirlwind. I couldn’t read fast enough to keep up with them. But all fun must come to an end and Ainsley has to go back home to reality and her responsibilities. Kade is crushed and comes after her, but will Kade fit into Ainsley’s complicated life? Will love withstand obstacles and distance? You have to read to find out.

Ainsley’s character did frustrate me. The woman’s back and forth emotions were an emotional rollercoaster for me as the reader; however, it shows the writer’s skills, that she was able to take my emotions right along with the characters’. When the two characters, Kade and Ainsley are together it’s shooting stars and blazing fire, but when they are apart its heartbreaking. Their chemistry is great and the sex scenes are thigh quenching.

Definitely looking forward to more from this author.


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